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About Us

We began Aka Ms Authapp Info as an informational aid site for all Microsoft Users. As a result of our investigation, we discovered that there are no impartial support websites that provide answers to the most often asked issues that new and veteran Microsoft Users have.

Aka Ms Authapp Info is an online resource that gives definitions and explanations for numerous terminology and abbreviations in computer science, technology, and the internet.

Our objective is to simplify things so that it is simply consumable by non-technical readers from all walks of life. We try to avoid integrating technical jargon into our definitions unless essential.

We enter the picture here.


Please be advised that we are not linked with Microsoft or any other business. We are not the official Microsoft support page for Microsoft.

https://support.microsoft.com/en-us is the official Microsoft Support website.

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Our Editorial Team

Yash is the Chief Editor of Aka Ms Authapp Info. Since 2021, he has produced over 2,000 pieces that have been seen over a billion times, and that’s on Many Websites.

Yash’s work has appeared on several Websites. He has more than a decade of experience writing in the realm of technology.  He formerly managed the daily email newsletter for Aka Ms Authapp Info. His work has been featured on DGS, Infotech, And many More Companies.

Yash has been featured as a technology expert on radio and television programmes. As Editor-in-Chief, he oversees all of Aka Ms Authapp Info material to ensure that it is as accurate and comprehensive as possible, based on a lifetime of expertise with technology.