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Microsoft Rewards – Reward yourself with Microsoft Rewards


    Microsoft Rewards

    Microsoft Rewards is a free program that lets you earn points for doing normal things. You’ll get points when you search on or buy something from the Microsoft Store online or in Windows 10. Check out the page about rewards. Every day, we add new ways to make money.

    You don’t have to promise or pay anything to use Microsoft Rewards. It’s part of your Microsoft account, so you must sign up, stay signed in, and go.

    You’ll have more chances to win great prizes as you earn more points. We make it easy for you to keep track of your progress toward anything you want, like gift cards, sweepstakes, and charitable donations.

    If you used to be a member of Bing Rewards, keep going! Your account automatically switched to Microsoft Rewards. You can find out what’s new at Have fun!

    Note: In some countries or regions, you might not get points for searching on or buying things from the Microsoft Store on Xbox.

    To start getting rewards from Microsoft, All you need is a Microsoft account. It lets you use just one sign-in to connect to everything Microsoft.

    Sign up right now at Microsoft Rewards. Click “Sign up for free” And then follow the steps to make a Microsoft account.

    If you already have an account with Microsoft, that’s great! (Still, trying to figure it out? You probably have a Microsoft account If you’ve ever played Xbox, used Skype, or have an email account with Hotmail or Outlook.

    Your account comes with a free Rewards program. Sign in, go to the Rewards page, and start looking around—people who have used Bing Rewards before know the same thing.

    Your points went with your account when It was automatically switched to Microsoft Rewards.

    Microsoft Rewards points are easy to get and can be used to buy great things like gift cards, movies, games, donations to good causes, And more.

    Keep your Microsoft account logged in, And you’ll get points for doing things you already do. You can earn Microsoft Rewards points in the following ways:

    • Use Bing to find things (level up faster by searching with Bing on Microsoft Edge).
    • Use the search box on your Windows 10 device’s taskbar to look for things on the web.
    • You can use your phone, Xbox One, the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 10/11 or Windows 8.1 device, or the web to buy things from Microsoft Store online. Find out more at Shop And earn Microsoft Rewards points.
    • You can do a Bing search with Cortana.
    • Check out the “Earn” page And the “Points” page. There are new ways to earn points daily, like quizzes And trivia games, so come back often!
    • On Xbox One, you can play certain games or do certain quests. Open the Rewards app as a first step. For more information, see Earn rewards on Xbox.

    Set Bing as your default search engine and use the Bing app or the Microsoft Launcher for Android app to search with Bing on your phone or tablet to earn points. Get even more points by using the Microsoft Edge app. (Not everywhere has access to all ways to get mobile rewards.)

    Microsoft Rewards points can’t be turned into cash. Most of the time, you need about 5,000 points to buy something that costs $5.

    They will stay active if you do something to earn Microsoft Rewards points for 18 months.

    Note: In some countries or regions, buying things from the Microsoft Store on Xbox may not give you points.

    *Different countries and areas have different daily limits and rules.


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